Precision Metal Stamping

From design to delivery ,we guarantee consistent quality of the metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication services.

Our Manufacturing Services

From precision stamping to sheet metal fabrication,from in-house tooling design to assembly,Chengli could fulfill your one-stop requirements.

We supply metal stamping parts  for a variety of industries with quick speed, faster set up time.We specialize in fast turn, high vlume with complex shape metal stamping.

We could help you with laser cutting, waterjet cutting  and plasma cutting to save your time ,cost ,and maintain high quality standards.

Make Chengli Hardware your one-stop shop with our network of plating, welding,assembly and other valued added services.

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How Chengli Works

For more than two decades,we simply the working process, from tooling design to parts delivered fast only with 4 simple steps.

Send the design for quote

To start, simply fill in a few information and upload the drawings.We accept all kinds of format drawings.

Quote & Design Analysis

Our engineers will analyze how to make the parts better and if needed to make tools, the metold of opening tools

Order Confirmation

After confirming the quote, samples will be sent for approval, then mass production will be made.

Shipp out the parts

After the parts pass the inspection of QC, we will pack them well and then ship them to your destination.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

We work within a wide range of services from low to high volume metal stamping,  sheet metal fabrication ,wire forming service  which allows you the flexibility to achieve successful precision stamping results.

Why Choose Chengli Hardware

For more than two decades, Chengli has put is energy to all kind of parts. we don’t just look at a stamping; we think about the way it works in your finished product. That perspective led Chengli to extend our capabilities into sheet metal fabrication,laser marking and advanced assembly, in which we help you lower production costs and increase production rates.

ISO9001:2015 certificated, well-trained workers with more than 15 years, allowing Chengli Hardware to manufacture millions of parts with minimal defects.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities ➔

Well-equipped with stamping machines, cutting machines, CNC machines, EDM, and welding machines, Chengli Hardware could fulfill any of your parts with more competitive prices and fast delivery time.

Chengli Hardware has its tooling room and can design ,make, maintain, and repair the tooling in-house. We are dedicated to making sure your product is made to your specifications and shipped on time.

Work With Numerous Industries

For over 20 years, Chengli has been a leading manufacturer of custom OEM metal stamping parts and sheet metal fabrication parts  for a wide range of industries.

Stamped Metal Parts for Automotive Applications

From fuel delivery systems to airbag components, stamped metal parts can be found in almost every system of automotive vehicles.

Stamped Metal Parts for Electronics Applications

Our in-house design, engineering, tooling, and secondary services provide our electronics customers with turnkey solutions and fast turnarounds.

Stamped Metal Parts for Medical Applications

Chengli has been stamping parts for the medical and medical device industries since our founding more than 20 years 

Stamped Metal Parts for Marine Applications

We specialize in custom precision stampings for components of a wide range of marine equipment, including motors, pumps, docks, and shipboard equipment.

Stamped Metal Parts for Music Applications

We have been serving the music and entertainment industries for much of the time we’ve been in business. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring them the musical instrument precision stampings they have come to rely on.

Stamped Metal Parts for Energy Applications

We produce a diverse selection of parts, from EV batteries and chargers to solar and electrical components, power cable bundle clamps, electrical bus bars, and more

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