Top 10 Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies and Suppliers in the World

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The sheet metal fabrication industry has revolutionized numerous sectors, providing versatile solutions for a range of applications. Sheet metal fabrication is a meticulous process that entails cutting, bending, shaping, and assembling metal to create various products.  As such, the significance of choosing the right sheet metal fabrication company cannot be overstated.

Choosing the ideal fabrication company involves a careful evaluation of numerous factors. In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into these considerations and explore the top 10 sheet metal fabrication companies and suppliers in the world.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies

What to Consider When Choosing a Sheet Metal Fabrication Company

When deciding on a sheet metal fabrication company, there are several critical factors to bear in mind.

Quality of service and product

This is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider. The fabrication company you choose must be able to deliver a high standard of service, from customer interaction to the final product. One way to assess the quality of a sheet metal company is by reviewing its certifications and compliance with industry standards. A reputable sheet metal manufacturer will not hesitate to provide evidence of their quality control processes.

Experience and expertise

The best metal fabrication companies have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. A company’s experience can often give you insight into their capability to deliver on their promises. Long-standing companies have generally faced and overcome various challenges, equipping them with the skills and expertise to handle diverse projects. Don’t be shy to ask about their past work, client reviews, and areas of expertise.

Equipment and technology

The sheet metal industry is continuously evolving, with new technologies and techniques being introduced regularly. The best sheet metal fabrication companies invest in the latest equipment and technologies, allowing them to provide more efficient and innovative solutions. Inquiring about a company’s technology is an excellent way to assess their commitment to quality and innovation.

Price and value

While it’s true that you get what you pay for, the highest price does not always guarantee the best service. It’s important to balance the cost with the value you receive. Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true—they often are. At the same time, high costs should be justified by exceptional service and quality products.

Top 10 Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies and Suppliers in the World



Brief introduction– Xometry offers a range of solutions to help you develop effective prototypes and scale up to production parts. Make custom parts on demand using over 70 materials and 15 processes. Put our network of over 10,000 highly vetted manufacturers and our skilled applications engineering team to work for you.

Key services -CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, urethane casting,  Injection molding services, assembly and weldments

 Location– USA,Europe, China


2.Proto Labs, Inc


Brief introduction-Our company was founded in 1999 by Larry Lukis, a successful entrepreneur and computer geek who wanted to radically reduce the time it took to get injection-molded plastic prototype parts. His solution was to automate the traditional manufacturing process by developing complex software that communicated with a network of mills and presses. As a result, plastic and metal parts could be produced in a fraction of the time it had ever taken before.

Over the next decade, we would continue to expand our injection molding envelope, introduce quick-turn CNC machining, 3D printing service and  sheet metal fabrication into our suite of services.

Key service-Injection molding service,CNC machining, 3D printing service and sheet metal fabrication

Location-USA, Japan,China


3.3D HUBS B.V.


Brief introduction-Our global network is built on relationships with approximately 300 manufacturing partners that we’ve hand selected. This opens up a huge breadth of capabilities for our customers. We specialize in 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication, offering a wide variety of materials and surface finishes to suit almost any project. There’s never a part too complicated, or a quantity too low.

Key service– 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication



4.Shenzhen Rapid Direct Co., Ltd


Brief introduction-Established in 2009, Shenzhen Rapid Direct Co., Ltd. has been at the forefront of driving digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Our company is dedicated to evolving traditional manufacturing processes and has successfully developed a flexible, AI-powered platform that enhances efficiency and productivity.

Key service-From CNC machining, injection molding, and sheet metal fabrication to 3D printing and more, our extensive manufacturing capabilities cover a wide spectrum of industries and applications



5.Fractory Ltd


Brief introduction-The manufacturing industry is fragmented resulting in a lot of inefficiency and waste.Our mission is to guide manufacturing to become sustainable. And sustainability means more than green. We do this by continuously finding ways to improve efficiency, accessibility and quality for the sake of manufacturing, leaning on our three pillars of sustainability:

Key service-sheet metal laser cutting,tube laser cutting, CNC machining,metal bending and metal surface treatment



6.Salamander Fabrications Ltd


Brief introduction-At Salamander Fabrications, we make it our mission to understand the needs of our customers and their sheet metal requirements in order to offer the highest quality service we can. Established in Huddersfield in 1968, we’ve been growing and developing to offer the best possible service and quality products to our customers. Today we’re one of the most reliable and trusted organisations in the sheet metal fabrication sector, working within a wide range of sectors。

Key service-We pride ourselves on being an end-to-end sheet metal fabrication company with a wide range of services including Solidworks 3D CAD/CAM design, Laser cutting, CNC Punching, CNC Press Brake Folding, Mig & Tig Welding in a variety of metals, Electro Mechanical Assembly, Powder Coating & Finishing.



7.3E Rapid Prototyping

3 erp

Brief introduction-3E Rapid Prototyping (3ERP) is an ISO9001-2015 certified manufacturer, built on the philosophy of 3Es, namely Excellent, Efficient and Economic, along with a dedicated team and the latest techniques to ensure your project runs successfully.  Whether you need to have that complicated part produced from a 3D visualization, or you’d just like the final stages of your product for display in a top-level meeting, 3ERP can assist you with those needs.

Key service-3ERP is committed to providing top quality rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing services, including: CNC machining, vacuum casting , pressure die casting ,3D printing, rapid tooling&injection molding, sheet metal prototyping, plastic and aluminum extrusion.



8.Wayken Rapid Manufacturing Limited


Brief introduction-Founded in Shenzhen, China, WayKen is a prototyping company and rapid manufacturer specializing in rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of plastic and metal parts, providing a one-stop-shop from prototype to production.

Key service-CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid tooling and injection molding



9. The Federal Group USA

Brief introduction-The Federal Group USA is a group of engineering professionals committed to improving our clients’ products. Our team uses a range of methods to analyze and optimize designs in a range of industries. The Federal Group USA provides world-class engineering, low rates, and communication skills that ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Key service-Casting, Fabrication and Precision machining



10. Chengli Haardware Co.,ltd 

chengli hardware

Brief introduction-For more than 20 years, Chengli Hardware has dedicated its whole energy to our customers in the metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication industry. We are well certificated with ISO 9001:2015 and have more than 35 sets of stamping machines, and 4 sets of laser cutting machines.  No matter whether you need the prototypes or a short-run project. or long-run stamping, you could take advantage of Chengli Hardware’s state-of-the-art equipment.

We provide on-time, highest quality, and competitive prices precision progressive die stamping, deep drawn stamping and four slide metal stamping, laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting welding, and assembly services.

Key service-Sheet metal fabrication, precision metal stamping,CNC machining, 3D printing, surface finish, assembly

Location-Dongguan, China



Choosing the right sheet metal fabrication company is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of your project. The best fabrication companies offer a blend of quality, expertise, advanced technology, and value for money. It’s essential to thoroughly assess each potential company against these criteria to find the best fit for your specific needs.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the top 10 sheet metal fabrication companies and suppliers in the world, offering valuable insights to inform your decision-making process. However, it’s important to remember that the best choice will ultimately depend on your unique project requirements and objectives. Try with Chengli Hardware for your sheet metal fabrication parts by now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fabrication and sheet metal?

Fabrication is a broad term that refers to any process that cuts, shapes, or molds material into a final product. Sheet metal fabrication is a subset of fabrication that specifically uses sheet metal as the starting material. It involves techniques like cutting, bending, and assembling to create metal structures or products.

What is the most common steel for fabrication?

Mild steel, also known as low carbon steel, is the most commonly used steel for fabrication

Is metal fabrication the same as welding?

No, metal fabrication is a broad term that encompasses many processes, including welding

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